mined or grown, a diamond is a diamond

The Science Behind the Sparkle

Identical chemical & optical characteristics. sharing the same DNA.

We are passionate about uniquely beautiful, ethically sourced fine jewellery. We believe there should be no compromise between quality and conscience.

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Three Simple Facts

beauty & quality
Mined or Grown, a Diamond is a Diamond

60% More Affordable

the same exceptional quality for less

Sharing the Same DNA


Quality that speaks for itself

It’s a fallacy that lab grown diamonds are in any way inferior in quality to mined diamonds. In fact, while both are exactly the same with regards to quality, lab grown diamonds are also a lot more affordable and eco-friendly than mined diamonds. In fact, lab-grown diamonds are identical, with none of the issues associated with mined diamonds.

Socially Responsible Lab-Grown Diamonds


Replicating the earth’s natural process

As they’re grown in a controlled environment, the processes used for lab-grown diamonds are extremely safe and pose no threat to the people working on them. As a result, these diamonds are also eco-friendly diamonds. On the other hand, the mining process is extremely dangerous for the miners, with risk being a major part of their lives.


The diamond-mining process is an extremely energy-intensive and ecologically invasive procedure that harms the earth in ways that we cannot even comprehend. That’s why the process of growing diamonds in labs is so eco-friendly.




Diamonds have been certified by GIA or IGI and have been verified for quality, allowing consumers to purchase with confidence based on the attributes of the diamond. 
De Beers have also seen the truth and responded to consumer demand by offering lab-grown diamonds.

Are Lab-grown diamonds the more ethical choice?

In addition to cost savings and supposed environmental benefits, lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown diamonds are here to help address the greatest challenge of the modern era – the climate crisis.

Pressure over the climate crisis is beginning to grow from campaign groups and a new generation of diamond buyers concerned about the environment. The full toll in planet-warming emissions from the mining and transportation of diamonds has yet to be fully quantified.

Do you want to tell me this is a good thing?

An enormous diamond mine with a gaping hole 1,200 metres across where diamonds have been mined since the 1950s. A town perilously perches near the edge of this huge open pit.

I don’t need science to tell that lab-grown diamonds is less bad than that. My eyes tell me that’s a lot worst for our planet. We don’t need to dig these huge holes in the earth any more that are visible from space.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as naturally mined diamonds, with even industry experts unable to tell the difference optically.

Diamonds are formed naturally through a combination of heat, pressure and time, growing deep underground until deep-set volcanic eruptions bring them closer to the surface, ready to be excavated. Lab-grown versions recreate this using a fragment of diamond in a sealed chamber which is heated to extreme temperatures.

If you’ve ever seen a woman’s face when she puts a diamond on her ring for the first time … God willing if they get pregnant, and now they don’t have that slim body and they’re a little nervous, and they look at that ring, that’s really important.

We can’t rip that out of society. However, we can do a lot better in servicing that need without committing destruction against the planet. Perceptions can shift, however, and the world of diamonds could well be upended by new environmental norms.


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