With over 30 years experience in the jewelry industry
Randeree Jewellers offers you a wide range of contemporary jewellery.

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Kruger Rands

The price of Krugerrands is linked to the gold price and is quoted in US dollars. Email us today or complete the form below to receive the latest Krugerrand prices. Krugerrands are available as:
1oz Krugerrands
1/2oz Krugerrands
1/4oz Krugerrands
1/10oz Krugerrands

The price of Krugerrands are available on request as the price is linked to the daily gold price.

About Krugerrands

Krugerrands are gold bullion coins with no denomination. The price and value of Krugerrands is connected to the daily gold price and is quoted in US dollars.
Krugerrands were first minted in 1967. The design of the Krugerrand features the bust of Paul Kruger (former president of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek) and on the reverse a springbok.

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Diversification Strategies – Rebalancing from the dollar and the euro
Central banks adding gold and alternative assets to diversify US dollar and euro reserves.
The growing trend of central banks’ actively looking to diversify their reserve portfolios. While the dollar is still the primary global currency, its long-term dominance is less certain. In response, central banks are reducing allocations to US dollars and euros while increasing purchases of traditional assets such as gold and Japanese yen and new alternatives including Chinese renminbi.
The official reserves of global central banks have grown from $2 trillion in 2000 to more than $12 trillion in 2012.
Gold has a long history as a reserve asset for central banks, and as such is considered a traditional one. Gold is statistically uncorrelated with other traditional reserves and new alternatives, making it one of the most important assets for diversifying out of the US dollar and euro.

Defining Zakat

Zakat is a levy on the property of the wealthy for distribution to society’s poor. The Arabic word “zakat” has connotations of purity, increase and blessing, and paying it purifies, increases and blesses the remainder of one’s wealth.
Zakat is 2.5% of all zakatable wealth that has been in your possession for a lunar year. If your wealth amounts to less than a threshold figure, termed the nisab, then no zakat is payable. This threshold limit is 87.48g (3oz) of gold, or its equivalent in cash.

What is the nisab?

To be liable for zakat, one’s wealth must amount to more than a threshold figure, termed the “nisab”. To determine the nisab, the are two measures: either gold or silver.
Gold: The nisab by the gold standard is 3 ounces of gold (87.48 grammes) or its cash equivalent. This will vary with the current market value of gold. For the latest prices, refer to our Online Zakat Calculator.
Silver: The nisab by the silver standard is 21 ounces of silver (612.36 grammes) or its equivalent in cash. This will vary with the current market value of Silver. For the latest prices, refer to our Online Zakat Calculator.

The Family Name You can Trust, Since 1992

With over 30 years experience in the jewelry industry Randeree Jewellers offers you a wide range of contemporary jewellery.

Ideally located in upmarket premises, with a cool and vibrant atmosphere, you will find luxurious local and imported designer jewellery that is designed to reflect the commitment, passion and energy you feel.
Established in 1992 and with the continuous support of our local clientele, Randeree Jewellers have reached a level where masterpieces that leave our display cabinets are of the highest quality. This is Yunus Ebrahim Randeree’s legacy. The rare. The exceptional. The utterly timeless. It is pure excitement about the rarest jewellery in the world.


Randeree Jewellers is committed to the code of ethics laid down by the Jewellery Council of South Africa. Randeree Jewellers blends European standards of excellence with the craftsmanship of talented local and international artisans to produce superb handcrafted jeewllery using yellow gold, white gold, diamonds and other materials in combinations bounded only by our imagination. At Randeree Jewellers we work with you to create and produce personally designed engagement rings and bridal jewellery. Old gold can be remodeled and transformed into something spectacular with your own personal touch.

PMR Africa Golden Award Winner 2012

Awarded to Muslim owned companies and institutions doing most in their sectors over the past 12 months to stimulate the economic growth and development of Kwazulu-Natal.


All jewellery orders are completed in-house to guarantee quality and exclusivity. At Randeree’s we manufacture for an up-market clientele who demand original, innovative jewellery that not only reflect current jewellery designs but also set new trends.

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151 Essenwood Road
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Tel: 031 202 4701

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